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Interpack Machinery offer a variety of different control options to best suit your needs. Anything from the most simple control pedestal to complex PC interfaced data tracking systems are available for your specific requirements.

All of our programs are bespoke to the individual system layout and operation. Unlike many other suppliers we do not use huge program blocks which include many redundant program lines which can cause endless complications in the future.

Touch screens, wireless communications, laser positioning, laser safety scanners, Ethernet communications and VPN for offsite system support are all available from Interpack Machinery.

Basic Control

The most straight forward control systems consist of a number of control components (photoelectric cells, solenoids, limit switches etc) which are controlled in sequence by a small PLC to carry out the required functions.

Intermediate Control

More involved control systems may require bar code scanners to collect data from labels to allow the handling system to carry out specific operations. These are typically used for Strapping and Wrapping patterns. In these situations we may control the ancillary machines by positioning loads for a process and giving specific instructions to the machines to carry out a function.

Advanced Control

High level control may be required for the tracking of loads throughout an integrated handling system.
When you may require an operator to manually input data on a system and upload to the conveyor frame holding the load. The system may then transfer the data through the system along with the associated load in order to carry out a specific action or to direct the load along a specific path.

Alternatively we are able to offer full data tracking systems to ensure loads are transported from machine to machine with minimal operator involvement.
A PC based workstation running as an OPC (open process control) server means that you can have real time access to the production data running on the conveyor system. You may identify loads in a system at a glance to monitor progress and even modify any production related information if required.




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