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Auxiliary Equipment


Pallet Centraliser

Lineshaft Conveyor Picture

Pallet centralisers are very useful for ensuring that loads are correctly positioned prior to Strapping and Wrapping.


Top Board Applicator

Lineshaft Conveyor Picture

The IMS Top Board Applicator is robustly designed to dispense wooden top boards onto loads as required without operator intervention. This unit removes the exertion required by operators to lift heavy wooden boards onto finished goods loads.


  • 2-axis automated pick and place system
  • Vacuum suction foot assembly for handling boards
  • Top board infeed conveyors
  • Mesh guarding to all sides including safety interlocked access gate(s)
  • Safety light guards to all open entry points
  • Heavy-duty support structure
  • Electrical control system with touch screen operator interface
Lineshaft Conveyor Picture
Lineshaft Conveyor Picture


Automatic stackers for high board line printers and standard printer slotters

Lineshaft Conveyor Picture
Lineshaft Conveyor Picture

IMS stackers are designed to suit your specific machine width and board line. We can accomodate machine widths from 1.6m through to 4.5m and board lines from 600mm to 2.2m.


  • To suit machine widths up to 4.5m
  • Standard design or "bomb door" attachment as required.
  • High board line machine stackers available for printers.
  • Manual or motorised raising of layboy section.


Machine Upgrades

Lineshaft Conveyor Picture

IMS can supply a new series of affordable machine upgrades and conversions for Flatbed Diecutters. These enhancements are designed to improve machine efficiency, output and operator safety.

All conversion packages can be carried out individually reducing valuable lost production time or alternatively as a combined series of installations during a shutdown or decommissioned period.

Upgrades and conversions available are: -

Lead Edge Feeder

The IMS Lead Edge Feeder improves output, eliminates jams, reduces waste, operator friendly.

Centreline Stripping Frame complete with ancillary equipment

Motorised Stripping Frame, complete with spring loaded clamp to ensure correct location of the male stripping die assembly within the frame. Extensions to the existing stripping support frame enable the male and female cartridge to be loaded in one complete unit by raising the front edge.

Chase turnover unit

This standalone Chase Turnover unit enables preloading and preparation of the next cutting form offline. Set-up and make-ready times are reduced significantly.

Main Drive Control

An AC inverter controlled motor upgrade package which allows the drive to automatically accelerate and decelerate when the clutch circuit is engaged and disengaged.

Chain Locking System

2-off chain locking devices are supplied, each containing 3 pins that lock the gripper chain when activated.

Safety Guarding Package

Full range of guarding and safety interlock switches supplied to connect the guards to machine stop circuitry.

Photocell Board Tracking System

Board travel tracking and anti-jam detection system.


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